Type Serial No. Year Total Time Eng. TT smoh Condition
FW P 149D 156 1960 4.500 hrs 80 hrs Cream Puff
Serial #156, TT.:4.500 hrs, Engine: 100 hrs. smoh, Prop: 100 hrs smoh by Muehlbauer. 2xNav, 2xCom, xpdr, ADF. Leather interieur new at cost of 6.000,- US$. New but historic paint at cost of over 25.000,- US$.
This aircraft has original German Luftwaffe Celebration Colors designed for the decomission of rthe fleet in 1990. This is the original Piaggio FW 149 D, flown the last flight of the Luftwaffe in Fuersty on March 10th 1990. A very historic Piaggio indeed!
Mail to or
Instrument panel of the Serial #156
Engine compartment of Serial #156
FW P 149D 176 1960 960 hrs 650 hrs Cream Puff
P 149 D 296 1957 2.700 hrs 0 hrs Show Stopper
Piaggio P 149 D, Serial #296, N52571. TT.:2.700 hrs since new. Engine Time since major overhaul: 10 hrs. Prop since OH: 10 hrs.
VEry clean insode and out. Trade In's may be exepted. Mail to
Panel of N52571. 2xKing Nav/com K175BE, 2x King Nav Indicator with dual glide slope, KDF 850 and more.
Overhauled enigine by Dennis Johnson. Detailed engine compartment. New hoses and baffling. Lots of engine chrome detailing. Ready to show.
FW P 149D 104 1960 4.500 hrs 1.300 hrs Ferryable
P 149 D 300 1957 2.800 hrs* 650 hrs* Ferryable
FW P 149D 180 1960 650 hrs* no engine Airframe



Please note:
  • We brought the first FWP.149 Piaggio to the USA and almost all of the FWP.149 and P.149 already exported to America (97%). We got parts in Germany and in USA. New Parts av.
  • First at sun 'n fun and the first "5-Plane Focke Wulf Formation" over Oshkosh!
  • First award winning Focke Wulf Piaggio restauration in USA.
  • 45 years of experience with this aircraft and the only aircraft type we offer for sale. All original construction drawings.
  • All aircraft we offer for sale are owned by us and are in America, registered and ready fir your immidiate inspection

1984 - 2000

Manufacturer Type Serial No. GAF No. N-Number Owner or imported for
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 017 90+09 N149NL Eugene Chapdelaine
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 075 90+58 N823FE Robert Russel
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 092 90+74 N149PM Robert Schofield
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 098 90+71 N149EZ Edward Zager
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 099 90+80 N40FW Joel Rotolante
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 104 91+85 N104FW FlightOPS Inc.
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 106 90+87 N149DD Joseph H. Kynast
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 111 90+91 N149BR Bill Rogers
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 128 91+07 N72BC Ben Cart
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 130 91+09 N53043 James E. Davis
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 132 91+11 N132FW Dr. James Huggins
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 156 91+34 N156FW FlightOPS Inc.
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 157 91+35 N149EE Jack A. Shea
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 176 91+54 N6236Z FlightOPS Inc.
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 179 91+57 none Joseph H. Kynast*
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D 180 91+58 none FlightOPS Inc.
Focke Wulf Bremen FWP149D ? ? ? project Roland Bond
Piaggio Italy P.149D 253 91+71 N253FW Earle Aircraft Co.
Piaggio Italy P.149D 255 91+73 N149JZ Edward Zager
Piaggio Italy P.149D 288 91+99 N149FW Gregory Ratz
Piaggio Italy P.149D 296 92+03


FlightOPS Inc.
Piaggio Italy P.149D 300 92+05 N475AS FlightOPS Inc.
Piaggio Italy P.149D 314 92+17 N5316W Robert Penly

This list may not complete and the ownership may have changed. However, the serial numbers
corresponding correctly with the manufacturers. All Piaggios with serial number 001 to 190 are
PIAGGIOs built by Focke Wulf, Bremen. All 200 numbers and 300 numbers are NOT manufactured
By Focke Wulf. The official FAA listing is mostly wrong due to information given by the owners
during licensing.